Apricot Seeds

 Altın Kayısı exports apricot seeds.

Kinds of apricot seeds:

There are two kinds of apricot seeds: bitter and sweet. The bitter ones are pale. They are used in medicine and cosmetics as well as consumed as healthy snacks. Too much consumption of these seed can be poisonous. On the other hand, the sweet seeds consist of lower amounts of B17 and doesn’t have any threat to the health.


Altın Kayısı offers: Sun-dried apricot kernels, sorted  kernels, natural 1-3-6 and bitter kernels (70% bitter – 30% sweet) or (95% bitter – 5 % sweet).

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Apricot seeds are obtained from the hard pit of the fruit.

The health benefits of apricot seeds include curing arthritis, blood pressure, fighting colds and flu, relieving pain, skincare, anti-inflammatory, immune system support, lowering cholesterol, hair care, killing cancer cells,

Side effects of apricot seeds:

Bitter apricot seeds may have some side effects. These seeds are sometimes considered bad for the health due to high level of B17. Eating 60 or more apricot seeds may cause death. When kids eat apricots seeds they should not have more than 10.



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